Everything started in my kitchen…..


I am Bozena, a busy single mom, yoga teacher, real estate agent and trying to stay healthy and balanced. I was looking to improve my health and get probiotics into my system as I had researched the benefits of them. One day a friend told me  that she had Kombucha, and proposed that if I made it, it could be some sort of income for me.

I made it.  It tasted amazing and also full of probiotics and other healthy benefits!  I was making too much though, and I was giving it away to my friends which is how I got my first commercial client.

I had a great product, a goal, but no name, no brand, little money and limited time. I got my friend Natalie involved and we researched names, and settled on KOKORO. We fell in love with the meaning because of its Asian roots as kombucha originally came from Asia . The word KOKORO is Japanese, but has no word for word translation, it unites the notions of heart, mind, and spirit. For example you can say ‘She has a good kokoro.’ and it means her heart, spirit, soul and mind altogether. This name for our drink was perfect. Feeding the soul, spirit and mind, through your gut.

With a small investment we created the logo and and label for our Kokoro Kombucha, increased production and sold to some stores.  More recently Natalie and I have moved to a small commercial space in order to grow with a professional set-up, but our production is still very much Artisanal and every bottle of Kombucha that we produce has our personal touch and love in it.